From Beth to Brand: Elevating Pardon Thy French's Online Presence

From Beth to Brand: Elevating Pardon Thy French's Online Presence


Lindsay approached me (Brooke Hurford from Studio B 🥰) to help her with her vision to transform her existing website, Pardon Thy French, from a website focused solely on Beth into a multifaceted site catering to three distinct audiences: Beth Fans, Brands, and Creators.

The original website served its purpose but lacked the functionality and visual identity Lindsay desired to support her expanding business activities. She wanted a site that was not only visually up-to-date and optimized for search engines but also capable of showcasing her collaborations with brands and providing resources for other creators.

To say I was excited to work on this project is the UNDERSTATEMENT of the century.

By the end of the project, we achieved a visually appealing (kick ass imo :)) and modern website that caters to our visitors, significantly enhancing the user experience and leveling up the functionality of the website – making it a key component of the entire business.


All In Website Redesign

We undertook a complete overhaul of the Pardon Thy French website to align with Lindsay's new business objectives. The redesign included:

Clear Navigation for Multiple Audiences

We structured the website to cater specifically to Beth Fans, Brands, and Creators. This included distinct sections and user paths for each audience to easily find relevant content and services.

Shift Brand Image

Pardon Thy French has grown into a global creative brand, we wanted the website to represent this vs focusing on just Beth.

Clear "Call to Actions"

Make Key actions like "work with us", "book 1:1 call", etc. super straightforward and easy for all three audiences to find.

Lindsay already had an awesome brand style guide with freaking awesome photos of not just Beth but of her, photography of events, brand photography and more. Making it so fun to apply this to strategic web design 😍


Key Techy Things We Added

To meet the diverse needs of Lindsay's visitors, we incorporated several key functionalities:

News Ticker and Dual Blogs

We added a news ticker to keep all visitors updated with the latest things happening in the World of Pardon Thy French. Additionally, we created two separate blogs – one for Beth Fans and another for Creators – ensuring targeted content delivery.

1:1 Consulting Booking System

For creators seeking Lindsay’s expertise, we added a user-friendly booking integration that allows people to easily schedule one-on-one consulting calls. With functionality that lets creators answer the questions Lindsay needs to have successful calls and collect payment – all in one go. 


To streamline the shopping experience, we made it so that merch Lindsay promotes on social media is visible and easy to purchase.

Brand Collaboration Page

We developed a dedicated page for brands, showcasing case studies of UGC content created by Lindsay and Beth. This page also features a clean path for brands to reach out for collaborations.


Given Lindsay’s priority on SEO, we implemented a comprehensive SEO strategy tailored to Shopify’s capabilities:

Keyword Optimization

We optimized each page based on research backed keywords.

On-Page SEO

For a quality SEO strategy all pages have technical tags called “headings”, that have their own best practices when it comes to search engine optimization. All Pardon Thy French pages meet best practice standards and are backed by keyword research.

Blogging for SEO

We emphasized blogging as a critical component of the SEO strategy. By producing regular, high-quality content on topics like working with brands, content creation, and negotiating deals, we aimed to boost search engine rankings and drive targeted traffic.

SEO-Friendly URLs and Meta Descriptions

Ensured that all pages have SEO-friendly URLs, meta descriptions, and headers to improve search engine visibility.

Mobile Optimization

Given the increasing mobile traffic, we ensured the website is fully responsive and performs well on mobile devices, which is crucial for SEO.


Understanding that Lindsay frequently launches new projects, we established a flexible and ongoing partnership. This includes:

Quick Page Additions

We ensured that new pages can be added swiftly to support her dynamic project needs.

Technology Integration

We remain available to integrate new technologies as required, such as custom forms and paid booking systems, to continually enhance the website’s functionality.


Enhanced User Experience

The new Pardon Thy French website is visually appealing, modern, and designed with all potential visitors in mind! Visitors can now easily navigate through different sections tailored to their interests, resulting in a more engaging and satisfying experience.

Increased Capabilities

The Pardon Thy French website now has multiple capabilities that support various use cases, from showcasing merchandise to booking consulting calls to making it easy for brands to reach out. The clear segmentation for different audiences has made it easier for visitors to find what they are looking for, which will contribute to higher engagement and conversion rates.

Client Happiness 🥰

(My personal biggest measurement to success)

Lindsay expressed high satisfaction with the project outcome, noting that the new site is fresh AND functional. She appreciated the efficient and communicative approach our team took, as well as the creative solutions we provided : ) 

“Working with Brooke was an absolute pleasure. She was efficient, communicative, and took the time to understand my needs, turning them into reality with creative solutions. Her input and advice were invaluable, providing ideas I hadn't considered. Brooke is definitely a leader in her field and I will definitely be working with her again.”


By reframing the Pardon Thy French website from being soley focused on Beth to the successful creator brand that it’s become, we not only met the business's immediate needs but also set a solid foundation for future growth.

I’m ecstatic to be Pardon Thy French's partner in this ongoing project! Our continued collaboration will make sure the website evolves in lockstep with the expanding business, maintaining its effectiveness in a rapidly changing creator world as well as the quick growth that is Pardon Thy French.


We killed it.


💻 Website built by Brooke Hurford
🛍 Website is built on Shopify
🗞 News Ticker is Common Ninja
☎️ 1:1 Call Booking Integration is You Can Book Me


If you are looking someone to build you a fresh website DM @workwithstudib_ on Instagram or just come follow along :)

You can also book an info call with me to see if would be a good fit!

🖤 🖤 🖤 🖤 🖤

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