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Donate to Help Doc Holiday

Donate to Help Doc Holiday

Hello, friends!

As you know, my sweet Doc Holiday has many health problems. The first week I had him he was in the ER with aspirational pneumonia, and found out he also had: heart disease, severe pulmonary stenosis (narrowing of his pulmonary artery), an open fontanel, stenotic nares bilaterally, and of course his cleft palate.

Doc has had numerous ER visits in his short 9 month of life so far, and is finally at the age and weight where we can address his issues surgically. Hopefully this process will start soon but I can't do it alone. I am asking for support from our followers so that Beth and I can continue to give Doc the best life possible! Can you help?

At the end of the month we will be traveling up to Washington State University for Doc's cleft palate repair, BAS correction, with a possible neuter pending on how he is holding up on the anesthesia. Doc will need to stay in the ICU for one to three days following surgery so they can monitor his recovery. The clinicians may also recommend a CT angiogram and/or an MRI based on his past numerological episodes.

I know you love watching his big sister Beth (@PardonThyFrench) and have followed on Doc's adventure with us. These pups have provided so much joy and comfort to so many. Beth and I would be so grateful for your support.

Please consider donating to our GoFundMe, hosted by the amazing Nor Cal Bully Breed Rescue which is a 501c3 (tax deductible), or you may simply vemno us directly at @PardonThyFrench.

Thank you so much,

Lindsay + Beth