Why We Chose The Farmer's Dog

Why We Chose The Farmer's Dog

I pull out all the stops to ensure Beth’s living her best life, and first things first: her diet! Aging dogs need a little extra love and care, and fresh, human-grade food is the ultimate game-changer. The Farmer’s Dog has nailed it with fresh meals packed with everything Beth needs to stay healthy and fabulous in her golden years.

Ill get to the point:

Real Food: Forget that questionable kibble. The Farmer’s Dog serves up real, fresh, healthy food made from whole meat and veggies. It’s cooked gently in human-grade kitchens to keep all that nutritional goodness intact.

Personalized: Just spill the beans about your dog—age, weight, activity level, and all that jazz. They’ll whip up personalized, vet-developed recipes starting at just two bucks a day. Your pup gets the perfect portion, every time.

Pre-Portioned: No more guesswork! Meals come pre-portioned for your dog’s exact caloric needs. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all deal; it’s custom-tailored to keep your dog at a healthy weight, unlike that kibble where you’re always eyeballing portions.

Convenient and Fresh: Millions of meals have been delivered nationwide. It’s convenient—no more lugging giant bags of kibble from the store. The Farmer’s Dog delivers fresh food right to your door, on your schedule.

Vet-Developed: This isn’t just any dog food. It’s complete and balanced, developed by board-certified nutritionists. More and more vets are jumping on the fresh food train, recommending these recipes because they’re backed by science.

Highly Digestible: Fresh, human-grade food means your dog absorbs more nutrients and produces better poops. Yep, better poops! Less cleanup and more health benefits.

So, if you want your pup, no matter their age, to live their best life, ditch the kibble and go fresh with The Farmer’s Dog. Our furry friends deserve the best, especially when they’re in their fabulous senior years.

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