Lindsay & Beth


Bethanee Hamilton – previously known as Princess – was found discarded and abandoned on the side of the road on the outskirts of Portland, Oregon.

Unclaimed, Beth was sent by the pound to the local shelter where, while undergoing a routine spaying surgery, she flatlined.


Miraculously... She came back to life.

Shortly after, the ever-so-loving Pacific NW Bulldog Rescue stepped in.


The PNWBR’s mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home English & French bulldogs that come from commercial breeding kennels, public shelters, private rescue groups, owners and good samaritans.

PNWBR took Beth in for a checkup after they had discovered her back left paw was rapidly swelling and eventually bleeding. It was confirmed that Beth had a cancerous mast cell...


The only cure was to remove the leg.

By chance, her now owner, Lindsay, saw a post on Facebook requesting donations to fund the operation. Heart duly melted – and despite hundreds of folks ahead of her in line requesting to adopt this sick little pup – Lindsay decided to apply.

"I wasn't in the market for a dog, but when I saw that post, I was done. I would do whatever necessary to get that pup!"

The rescue was looking for someone who was able to give non-stop attention to this special pup. As a freelance designer, Lindsay has a flexible schedule, and Beth tags along with her daily duties that include anything from client meetings, to grocery shopping.

Adopting Bethanee just a month after her surgery, Lindsay decided to create an Instagram account under the name "PardonThyFrench" to document Beth's recovery - and all the creative adjustments that balancing a new tripod stance would require.

Quickly learning that Beth has a rather large personality, the followers swiftly came… PardonThyFrench now has over 222K followers and rising with single video content reaching over 12 million views. Beth has been spotlighted on Good Morning America, Men's Health Magazine, the Huffington Post, and even international TV!

Riding high on this new found fame, Beth and Lindsay have set out to give back. What had started with visiting local preschools to teach the acceptance of individuality to children, has grown into promoting awareness on issues such as pet adoption, particularly the adoption of pets with special needs through the continued support of Pacific NW Bulldog Rescue and their second instagram, Misfits of IG (@misfitsofig). Misfits of IG highlight pets who've overcome adversity and are now living life to its fullest!


To top things off, they are partnering with Dove Lewis Animal Hospital to launch an Emergency Vet Fund. 


Our best friends deserve all the help they can get. Through donations, and website proceeds the PardonThyFrench Emergency Vet Fund hopes to alleviate some of the pain by providing medical bill assistance for unforeseen pet accidents.



Princess Bethanee Hamilton would not be where she is today without the love and support of the Pacific Northwest Bulldog Rescue whose mission to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home English & French bulldogs in need from commercial breeding kennels, public shelters, private rescue groups, owners or Good Samaritans.

We are forever grateful.

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